Save track preset - level and pan?

I’m a busy poster today…

On an audio track…
Right click and Save Track Preset…
Right click in another version of same project and Load Track Preset… EQ is loaded but fader level and pan settings not - manual says they should be? I’d like them to be?

Cubase 12.0.51 on W10 - text from manual below - any ideas?

The following data is saved in audio track presets:
● Insert effects settings (including VST effect presets)
● EQ settings
● Volume and pan
● Input gain and phase

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What does this exactly mean?

I created some track presets in a previous version (abc-05) as I wanted to be able to maybe recall them later. I had various ideas for the project mix and saved new versions as I went along. Some of those ideas I am keeping but a few tracks I would like to return to how they were in -05 (as I suspected I might want to).
I could just right down the fader levels and pan settings, but as the manual says clearly that fader and pan are saved, I would rather not.
It’s 5 tracks that need doing and besides it ‘should work’ as far as I can tell?

The 5 tracks are a pair of close and a pair of room mics, plus a pickup DI - all on one acoustic guitar. Quite a complex setup, which was why I wanted to be sure to save/recall it in isolation from any other changes going on.

Really, what you should do is a session of testing to see if your workflow works.

The info given is not specific enough for anyone (me, at least) to make a definitive judgment.

So your question is pretty simple, right? You saved tracks as track presets but when you recall them in a new project “volume and pan” isn’t recalled correctly, right? Are there any restrictions listed in the manual? I could imagine for example that if you don’t have the same output destinations in the new project that the imported settings might not ‘take’.

Thanks Steve, must admit it seems straight forward to me, but when writing it out maybe not so :grin:

Basically if you right click on a track, either in the arrangement page or in the mix console, you have the options to either save track as a preset or load a track preset.

When you load a track preset that you have saved, the fader level and pan are not recalled, the eq is, I haven’t looked at the inserts.

The manual states that both fader and pan are saved…

I appreciate that people utilise different ways/workflows. I tend to always save as new version (project) at key points where a lot may change, and on this occasion thought that I might end up reverting to the 5 channel setup in version 05 for that one instrument.
The other changes since 05 are fine, and I had hoped that restoring just those 5 channels would be ‘easy’ having thoughtfully saved them all as track presets… :roll_eyes:

Didn’t want to report as a bug in case it was just me’ and a user error. Maybe I should?

Yep that’s the question Mattias - the manual doesn’t seem to mention any restrictions (but maybe it does in anither section - it’s a big manual) - even so I am loading the tracks into a newer version of the same project and all of the routing etc is unchanged from the version from which I saved the presets

I can also now add that if I go to the project version that the track presets were saved from, alter the fader and pan settings on a track, then load the saved preset for that track, the fader and pan settings are not changed back to how they were when the preset was saved, as one would expect them to be according to the manual - so that’s all within the one project version.

I’m sharpening my pencil and getting the old notepad out! :grin:

I just ran a quick test with Cubase 12.0.50 on Win10 21H2 and could duplicate the problem with a simple test:

Using an Audio Track:

  • Save a Track Preset of the chosen Audio Track with Volume (-7.23) and Pan (L62) (the values just happened to be what I had on that track).
  • Right click to “Add Track > Using Track Preset” - this works fine and the Volume and Pan are as they were when saving the Track Preset.

So far so good - but the issue appears for me when loading the same preset on an already existing Audio Track:

  • On an existing Audio Track, I had had Volume (2.17) and Pan R72
  • Right click on the existing track and “Load Track Preset” using the same saved track preset as before, but the Volume and Pan stay at their current values.
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Using “save selected” and “load selected” is how I usually do this, but there are limitations and drawbacks. Doing this, pan, volume and other stuff work as intended.


Yes, that’s exactly it Nico, I did wonder if it was to do with loading to an existing track but am just finishing a large overall project so haven’t had time to test other scenarios. So it would appear that the problem is on the ‘load’ side of the process rather than the ‘save’.

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Thanks Greg, I can’t seem to find the ‘save/load selected’, probably me being a blind old fool, but can you point me in the right direction? Can’t see it in the right click menu.
I’ll untick the solution flag for now (I think Steve ticked) as for me it’s still outstanding. Once I can use your method, I will retick it and also drop support a message highlighting the minor possible bug.
Thanks again to all :+1:

Focus a audio track in any mix console.

Right click.

One of the options should be “save selected”?

Edit: does this help?

save and load selected 1

for “save selected channels” and “load selected” you may have to go to the triangle icon in your upper right hand corner of your mix console. Sorry, I use Metagrid so things are a bit different on my end.


That’s great, sorry for delay, juggling lots of tasks to get project finished… Too many hats!
Will get back to you asap

Ah! Yes, I can access from the drop down menu under the ‘functions’ arrow to the left of the ‘Racks’ at the top right of mix console. No joy with the right click, can only get the same options as in the first of your screenshots.
Will try it out tomorrow but think safe to close this thread and drop support a line.
Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face: