Save Transport Controls

I have assigned the transport controls to my midi keyboard, Akai MPK 88. After clicking “apply” and “ok” and coming back to the session the next day. The transport controls do no save and thus do not open whenever I load up the session. How can I fix this? Thank you

Are you doing this with a Generic Remote map?

If for some reason it isn’t being remembered after you close the session that you built your maps in, then rebuild it and try this.

Export a copy of your Remote Map to a backup file (with your name and location of choice).

From then on, it should remember things as you last had it set in all future projects. You also have a ‘back-up’ of it all in case you ever do need to ‘re-import’ it.

I seem to remember having to do that ‘once’ many versions ago (Version 7 I think) to get my remote maps to ‘stick’. Since then, it’s always been here, even through updates and major upgrades.

+1 on the export, lost hours of configuration forgetting to do that.
Not the most intuitive part of Cubase.

Yes!!! that worked!! Thank you sooooo much… Stienberg support has not been able to find the solution. This is it!!! Thank you soooooo much.