Save vst instr. + channels + plugins?

Hi All

I have tried to do this in Cubase 5, but I couldn’t. Last week I upgraded to 7, So I want to give it another go:

What I would like to do is save a VST instrument (let’s say NI Battery) together with the channels I use it with and VST plugins. So for instance cell 1 routed to output 1, cell 2 to output 2, 3 to 3, 4 to 4 and the rest routed to one stereo channel. Route those 6 channels to a drum buss. Add a compressor to the drum buss and two fx channels on aux 1 and 2 of the drum buss for parallel compression. Add different compressors on channels 1-6 and parallel compression for channels 1 and two. Add an fx channel with distortion ready and one for reverb. I know I can save something like this as a template, but then I always have to start with that. Right? What I would like to do is, at any given moment during a session, add this cluster of vst, channels and plugins. Is that possible? Or is there a smarter way to do something like this?>

Cheers and tnx in advance!



As I know it can be done with “export selected track(s)”. After that you can import “import track(s) archive”. But maybe I’m wrong.