Save Zoom and Timeline Settings With Project

Hi. I’m new to Cubase - still demoing Elements 11 - and saw potential for improvement. Maybe it’s been changed and I can’t find it. I searched the forum and this issue was present in Cubase 8 so I’m just making sure it’s fixed. If not, I request that it is.

That is saving timeline zoom settings with the project. When I save a template or open a project, my timeline is not how I left it. Also, some have reported that bars-beats linear and time linear aren’t saved with the project either, as well as snap settings. I feel like this is something that should be selectable in the project settings.

If this is possible, please let me know. I’m looking for a DAW that has a great timeline and these features would definitely make the timeline great.

Of course, no attempt at legislation would be complete without a piggyback clause. For me, that’s the reversed mouse wheel scroll in the timeline. Pulling down with Shift+mousewheel on Windows 10 to scroll earlier in the timeline definitely feels backwards. I’m working around it but a simple tick box would be great.

One final thing. This might be tricky to implement but, even with bars beats linear, changing the time signature shifts the loop position. I guess the locators are bound to beats instead of bars. So, say I have m9-17 looped in 4/4. When I change to 6/8, the locator positions still say, when in fact, the locators are now at and and the text fields don’t update unless I move them. This definitely seems strange. It would be better that the locators stick to their bar positions regardless of time signature. An 8 bar loop remains 8 bars regardless of time signature.

Like I said, this whole timeline thing is why I’m shopping for DAWs. Someone has to get it right. Maybe I think differently but I feel like this is imperative for rehearsal and writing.



It works as specified. This is feature request. Please add the tag.

Hi, Martin. I don’t seem to be able to edit my tags. Apparently editing is time-limited.

I wasn’t sure what you meant by “works as specified” so I double-checked my issue. Indeed the behavior is as I describe, at least the kind I’m experiencing.

Hope that’s helpful. Thanks.


The current Cubase specification is that the Zoom level and Timeline is not stored in the project. This is, what I mean by:

I will change the tags then.

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Thank you, Sir. Have a wonderful day.