Saving a preset > possible?

i’m tired of ALWAYS setting up my mr816csx for vocal recording. i mean - i always have to set the lowcut, load my preset for the FX zone (EQ/comp). then i have to set the REV to plate, tweak the parameters etc. etc.!

how can i save ONE PRESET in cubases mix-console and next time i’m ready to go by LOADING THIS ONE PRESET or automatcally load it by DEFAULT.
with apollo twin you can save a session. this is my thought of setting it up like this! is it possible?

thanks for your help
kind regards

Store your Scene is at the top of the MR Console Software. Is that what you are looking for?

thanks for your reply.
yes, you’re right. i already saved my setup as a scene in MR editor. BUT > how can i load/restore this scene in cubase?
MR editor cannot be used in cubase because of an error > “the firewire-driver is in use”!

i wish i could setup MY default-configuration when i create a vocal-record channel.
i often get projects from a team-member and for vocal recordings i always have to tweak the MR-channel settings. boring!

wish there would be a quicker solution for this
kind regards
helmut / AUSTRIA

Open a NEW Project, get your settings the way you need then then do a FILE/ SAVE as Template.

Then you just open up Cubase, load your Template, then Save As and name it for the new project name

thx! i did exatly THIS!
but very often i get projects from co-writers and in this case i can’t use my templates.
i import my vox tracks (LV, BV etc. > from saved “track archives”) and always have to set up my MR channelstrip from scratch. this is the situation i’ve looked for a solution!

UNTIL Steinberg puts Import Session DATA like Protools has into Cubase Im afraid there is no solution.
Users have been BEGGING for this for YEARS.

thank you!