"Saving a project" dialog box

When I go to close a project, Cubase asks if I want to save, every time now.
But I just saved a half a second ago, right? Because I ALWAYS deliberately save before I close a project.

So why ask me again?

So, I’m now always saving twice in a row.

Are they suggesting that I simply NOT save the first time and just close the project and TRUST that this dialog box will pop up that asks me if I want to save?

I don’t want to do that.

Cubase used to be aware that I JUST saved right before I closed the project.

Hi, this happened to me on early 12 versions but got away after 12.0.30 update or so.
Which is your version?

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Yeah, 12.0.7. and also 12.0.6 on my laptop.

I see another post about perhaps some 3rd party plugin always sending out controller data such that Cubase always thinks the project is different and needs saving. I dunno.

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Or a plugin that always tells Cubase that it has changed state, so Cubase is duty-bound to save the project to preserve the plugin state.

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Both very reasonable!

@shagazulu, I would suggest that you open Cubase and use a factory plugin (retrologue for example). If this behaviour upon saving is gone, then most probably a plugin is causing this. Unfortunately, you then have to do some testing and create projects for each plugin in the project that you faced this problem, and then report to the manufacturer of the problematic (?) plugin, if of course there is no good reason for this behaviour.


Most plug-ins that are used to modulate anything other than their own internal settings will cause this behavior.

If you know for sure you just Saved the Project you could safely cancel the 2nd Save - but the default button focus is on the Save button, so that is the easiest.

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Thanks for your responses.

Most importantly, this isn’t also happening to you? I presume not. I actually thought it was Cubase.

As for knowing that I just saved so I don’t have to save again… Well, that’s just it. I know I hit the key combo to initiate a save, but now that it’s asking me if I want to save, I’m not quite sure I did, or whether it worked.

99.9% sure is not 100%… and so I save again.

I find that behavior annoying now. There’s got to be a way of Cubase checking my most recent save time, and if it’s within 10 seconds, to just skip the save dialog box… Otherwise, we are subjected to the problems of every poorly made 3rd party plug in, IF that’s what it is. I do thank you for the suggestion, but I’m not going to go through every plugin and figure out which one it might be. No one, and I mean NO ONE has time for that, right? The clock is ticking. Steinberg should create a workaround… like the one I suggest. The 10-second rule.

I’m quite convinced, that someone would complain very bitterly if an edit they made within 10 seconds of quitting Cubase got lost.

I have this happening regularly off and on, depending on the project. But I simply don’t see it as a big stress - or even a real problem. – I simply always hit Enter to allow the (potentially) extra save, if/when Cubase prompts when I quit. Saves me from overthinking it. :slight_smile:

If it isn’t happening to you every time, it isn’t a problem, right? For me, it’s an annoyance at best, yes.

10 seconds? OK, who doesn’t save before they close a project? So, let’s say you save, then oops one more edit… but then for some reason you don’t save again. Is that new edit you just made going to happen within 10 seconds? Likely not. In that case, Cubase will ask you if you want to save… Most of the time, however, you’ll just do it yourself because, hey, you’re just about to close the project… and that’s what we all do.

However, if you make a lightening fast edit, sure you’ll lose it. But what important edit happens in 10 seconds?

It’s a workaround. Make it 5 seconds, even.

Exactly what I do too. It’s both the easiest thing to do and also the safest.

There is a legit reason why Cubase asks - your project really has changed since you last saved it. Even though a plug-in and not you made the change, the Project has been modified.

You’re suggesting that if a change was made within 10 seconds (or whatever) of a Save then Cubase should pretend nothing happened.

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I mean, just enough time to allow for a CMD-S and then a CMD-Q. That’s a pretty short interval.

Anyway, I do see that a new project I created on my laptop didn’t exhibit this odd behavior, so the problem is either something to do with my desktop, or just that much bigger project with all its plugins… That’s at least good to know.

99% sure it’s a plug-in or two.

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