Saving a recording made in lite version

Hi, I made an hour-long recording in the lite version, then learned that I needed to buy the full version in order to save or export the sound file. After purchasing it, there is still a Buy button there and no Save button. How do I save this recording?

Hi Edsparks15,

The full version of Music Studio is a separate app. When it’s installed, a “Transfer files to full version” button appears in the Projects screen of Music Studio Lite. If it doesn’t, please restart Music Studio Lite (quit it from the multitask switcher, then launch it again from the home screen).

For more information, please follow this link:

Music Studio Support

Two questions:

  • I installed the full version but haven’t launched it. (I didn’t want to run both versions concurrently.). In your reply, you say, “when it’s installed…”. I take that to mean that I don’t have to launch the full version, just have it installed, in order to transfer the files. Is that correct/

  • Are you saying that, if I quit and relaunch Lite, the recording file(s) I made yesterday will still be there? (This is the sole reason I bought the full version, so I could get the recording I made in the Lite version.)

Hi Edsparks15,

  1. Please launch the full version at least once in order for the transfer to work. You can run both versions concurrently, they are separate apps and don’t influence each other.
  2. Yes, Music Studio Lite remembers your song (project) even if you quit and restart the app. The song is cleared only if you tap the “New” button or load a demo song in the Projects screen.

Hope that helps!

Music Studio Support

I tried what you said.

  • I launched the full version.
  • Quit and re-launch the Lite app.
  • The Transfer Files button appeared. I pressed it and it ran for a while, then came up with a window that talked about AirDrop.
  • I quit and re-launched the full app.
    So far the (.wav) file has not appeared in the full app, even after I quit and re-launched the full app.
    What am I not doing?

Okay, I did it again and this time I clicked the import button on the AirDrop screen. It added a .wav file on the full version, and I exported it to an AAC file (.mpa).
I want to get that file onto my Mac. I connect the iPad and Mac via USB. (I don’t want to put it in the cloud or email it.) I’ve tried to Google how to move files between devices, but so far, no luck. How do I transfer that file to the Mac?

Hi Edsparsks15,

Did you try the “Transfer files to full version” option?

Here are the steps:

  • Go to “Projects” and choose a file to be transferred
  • Tap the “Transfer files to full version” button

In the following popup it is possible to choose e.g. “AirDrop” or “Copy to MusicStudio” to transfer the files.
“AirDrop” can be used to easily share the files between the iPad and your Mac.

Hope that helps.

Music Studio Support

You could use iTunes on the Mac as well

Yes, I had already said that it had added the .wav file to the full version.
But I can’t get AirDrop to work. The prompt to make the Mac discoverable doesn’t appear in the Finder window where I select AirDrop. This is High Sierra (known for endless problems), on a 2011 MacBook Air.

Also, how can I move the file over to iTunes?

It’s odd that a wav file appeared in the full version. Normally, if you tap the Transfer button and select “Copy to Music Studio”, the full version of Music Studio should launch and a ZIP file called “Music Studio Lite” should appear in the Projects screen. Double tap that ZIP file to extract its contents, which should be a project called “Music Studio Lite Song” and all the project’s wav files in the Audio folder.

Regarding AirDrop, our experience is that it works best if the involved devices are updated to the latest version of macOS / iOS, if WiFi and Bluetooth are enabled on both devices, and if a Finder window with AirDrop is opened on the Mac. However, we too have 2011 Macs where it just doesn’t work with iOS 11 - that’s a question for Apple Support.

Alternative sharing options are the Files app (iCloud Drive), Dropbox or Google Drive if you have those installed on your iOS device.
iTunes File Sharing is not available for Music Studio Lite.

Regarding only the wav file appearing: The first time I tried the transfer to full version, I saw the ZIP file/. But because the file name was the same as the appname, I thought it wasn’t correct. (I thought it might be trying to transfer a copy of the app itself!) So I did something else (I don’t recall exactly what) to transfer the wav file.

I’m trying to do iTunes File Sharing from the full version. How do I get the AAC file I exported to show up on the Mac?

I can’t believe it’s so difficult to get this file moved to the Mac – very frustrating.

Hi Edsparks15,

Here is the link to the Music Studio iTunes File Sharing tutorial video:

Music Studio Support