saving a single program (not multi) and it's samples?

I just successfully imported an EXS 24 bass that I previously created .
The program was saved and shows up when using the Media Bay User filter. :smiley:
The vst.preset is in the H4 Program folder.

My custom samples are on another drive.
How do I save or export the samples so that this new program is self contained?

I know how to export a multi with samples but how does this work with single programs?

(I did skim through TFM but didn’t find what I was looking for)

drag the vst preset into a slot, locate the samples, then click on the diskette icon in the toolbar above the program list. Each time you load the preset from there on out it should load seamlessly. You can also right click on the preset listed in the slot and choose save program…

hope this helps. Let me know how you made out.

That does indeed help.
Thanks :smiley:

In this scenario, the vst.preset is referencing the original samples?

But what if I want to make a vst.preset that is “portable”? Do I have to use the “Export Multi with Samples” for just one program? Or some other procedure like manually duplicating the source instrument and samples to a desired location for HALion programs, then import and save?

Referencing the original samples would save hard disk space, but I would like to have the preset and samples together for easy archiving and to avoid confusion.

Here’z the solution: Selecting the preset in either the Slot, or in the Program Table, makes it active in the Program Tree. Right-clicking on the program in the P-Tree gives me the contextual Import/Export>Export VST3 Preset with Samples. :smiley:

Looks like I need to save my custom H4 vst3 presets in the same folder as my custom samples for the EXS 24.
I can then use the Export function above if I need to burn to disc.

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… coming full circle…

Given that my folder(s) of custom samples are well organized, etc, it seems to make sense to simply follow the recommendation initially given so that the user presets show up in Media Bay. Otherwise “importing” is a pain…

Getting’ there…

Dr. V, can I ask you to try something for me please? Once you’ve exported your bass as a vstpreset together with samples, is it then possible to load that vstpreset into HALion Sonic SE for playback only?

[EDIT] perhaps what I mean is a “.vstsound” file, as it is mentioned in the manual that H4 can created these, as long as no samples from protected existing HSBs are used. I don’t yet have H4 but I’m looking for a reason to crossagrade, and this would be a major one if HSSE could load and play self-created .vstsound files.

So far, no go.

I tried saving the program and exporting, renaming, putting the files in the SB Media Technologies folder, the user VST Content, etc…

In my mind, H4 is like the top level of a very complex and deep VSTi. I find myself only using H4 at this point because it gives me all of the sounds plus the most advanced editing functions.

It would make sense that a H4 user could create content that can be loaded into at least the full version of HS.

Perhaps a more informed user can comment on whether this is possible.

Thanks Dr. V for that information. I’ve asked the same question over here but got no response, so at the risk of hijacking this thread I’ll repeat the reasons I think it would be great if HSSE could load “basic” vstsound files created in H4 (in case anyone from Steinberg is reading!)

HSSE is now available across the entire Steinberg sequencer family (including Sequel 3) so this means e.g.

– a trainer could create a soundbank in H4 (using only basic features that HSSE can play back) and distribute it amongst students so they can all work from the same material.

– a Cubase 6 user could use Cubase Elements 6 to work on an arrangement using a laptop without risking the Steinberg Key on the road. With version 6, Steinberg already very sensibly abolished the artifical restrictions on project file compatibility between editions (you can now open a C6 file in CE6), so the company is certainly aware that this compatibility is important to users.

– internet collaboration is made much easier because you only need to exchange the (bandwidth-hungry) sample bank once, then just email the project files around as work develops.

– a community would quickly establish for the exchange of self-produced sounds which HSSE (i.e. all Steinberg sequencer) users could benefit from.

At the moment, H4’s main competitor product requires the full version in order to play even unprotected sample banks created by other users, and the “free” player will timeout after 15 minutes in demo mode. Now, seeing as there’s no “free” stand-alone version of HSSE, but every current-version Steinberg sequencer user has it already, it would IMHO be a massive (sic) advantage for HALion 4 if self-created sounds could be played by lesser versions.

Clearly I don’t expect that sounds based on advanced features like the synthesis section of H4 would be playable in HSSE, but surely simple sample playback is possible? Again, I’m only talking about soundbanks created from one’s own samples using H4.

Mr. Soundman,

I completely agree with all of your well articulated points!

Although my travel is not related to music productions, I fully understand how musicians on the go would want to have access to their original sound banks in a non-dongle version of Cubase.

For the record, I conducted my experiments with the full version of HALion Sonic. I would have expected some measure of compatibility given the close connection between H4 and HS.

I hope that SB will program this compatibility in future updates.