Saving all preset/config

I am running Cubase 11 on Windows 10, an I make regular backups of my project folder and of C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming.
But apparently all preset/config /preferences files are not stored there, so how can we save all files easily? Is there a guideline to follow, to make sure we can easily restore everything in case something goes wrong?

If you are on the Pro version, User Profiles are worth looking into.

Nice !
So making backups of the project folder and using Profile Manager should be good enough?

I guess yes, but I’d also hunt down where VSTi and Plug-ins save their “USER” presets, so that you back those up too.

Okay, I was hoping that there would be a single move to do all that. I will dig a bit deeper then.
Thank you!

That would be something! If you settle on a good method, why not post it here for posterity!

So, to sum up, the question (maybe for Steinberg team? :wink:) would be :
If I have :

  • a backup of my project folder
  • a backup of C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg
  • a .srf file generated by Profile Manager

… what exactly will I lose if my computer crashes?

I just saved the profile manager & a project template. When I install cubase from scratch the only thing I loose is the media bay settings

Why hot just save the preferences folder manually. Granted it’s not as quick as having a command to do it in cubase but it will at least save everything you need.

Sure, I would have no problem making a backup of one or more folders, but I just need to make sure I have got the good ones.

They’re all in the same place I’m 98 % sure.
User / library / then j forget If it’s application support or steinberg. But wherever the preferences folder is kept. Just google this forum it should show up. This folder has everything. Key commands templates midi files yadda yadda. Someone jump in if I’m wrong.