Saving an entire CD as one single WAV

In an earlier version of WaveLab when I converted a CD to an Audio Montage, Wavelab produced a single continuous audio file (Tracks.WAV) along with the montage file. I’d like to do that in WaveLab 9 but it no longer seems to be an option. I can convert the entire CD into a montage and then export the montage as a WAV file, but has anyone had any issues with that? I am wondering this: when all the tracks are read separately and then exported as a single WAV, are there any missing or overlapping frames when compared to reading the entire CD as one long WAV file? Assuming I don’t use the “trim silence” option, of course.

This option was available until WaveLab 6. It is not longer possible.
However, with WaveLab 9.x, there are no overlapping or missing audio.