Saving arranger track chain?

Hi there,

I would like to know if it is possible to save your arranger track chain?
It would be very handy if i could load from an other project the chains or choose from the saved chains.



To be honest, I don’t know. Try to select the Arranger track, and choose File > Export > Selected Tracks.

Ah i already was thinking that this would be too complex because if you are able to save it.
Then cubase can’t figure out by itself to what it was assigned.

With some trail & error i found a cool way to make different genre chains in 1 project.

As example i assigned a kick sample to the arranger on a 1/16 block. and over that same block a 1/8 block, 1/4 etc.
I did the same also on a snare and 2 hihats. and some to empty spaces.

After this i made in the arranger track chains of different genre’s, like drum&bass/dubstep etc. drum sequences.
If i now would go crazy, then it is possible to render different full song drum sequences with empty spaces for intro/breaks etc.
And that just with some clicks haha.

Its funny when you show this to other people, they don’t understand ghe ghe.

That’s amazing. Your whole song only takes up 1 inch-wide of space.

Some other tips for this.

Because the chain can be very long at this way is to put a part with empty space at the end of the arranger chain.
It’s hard to put other parts in it if the chain is already longer then the screen is. So now you still can put it above the last one.

And you can’t rename the parts in the arrangertrack. This can only if you select the arranger parts in the project screen.

So if you want to chop a loop, i found a way to rename these parts automatically.
I edited the project logical editor preset:Rename and renumber audiotracks into this.

Its better to put a picture here then to explain :laughing:
renaming parts.jpg