Saving Channel Settings - A Step Backwards In C7

I was quite surprised to find that loading a saved channel setting in 7.0.2 doesn’t remember the fader level or send settings…

And where did “Save All Mixer Settings” go? I can’t believe Steinberg would think that was an unnecessary feature.

Cubase 7 has been very disappointing for me. Instability, a clunky overlycomplicated Mix Console… From reading and watching the Steinberg demonstration videos about the new Mix Console, I get the feeling that they are trying to steer us away from the project window as if we don’t need it.

When I’m tracking, I need to see the waveforms in the project window and I need to see it with only one monitor.

Up to 6.5, Steinberg has always protected the integrity of the program and workflow before making big changes. I think they took too big a bite with this one. I can even get used to the new design. But removing valuable features and releasing an unstable version. This is a disaster for customers like me who run a commercial recording studio with clients who need a dependable workflow to keep the session vibe going and not waste their time.

Thank god the files are backward compatible. I never knew how important being able to save ALL of a channel or a whole mixers parameters was until it was gone.

Please bring this back. 7.0.2 fixed some stability issues (especially on my Windows machine) but I’m going back (again) to 6.5 until they get this right… sigh…


Yes, all not very ‘German precision engineered’ like - but, this is on its way…

Is there any way to save and import fader levels?
Any workarounds?

workaround is using C6.5