Saving Colorizing Setup For Multiple Projects

I use Cubase Pro 10.5 on an iMac Pro

I use Project > Colorize Selected Tracks and set up an 8 color scheme.
The problem is I can’t seem to save it so that it will open in other projects.
I’ve tried the Presets screen and Options screen, and can’t save it as a global default setting.

Any assistance will be much appreciated



I would recommend to make an empty project with your color settings and store it as template.

Thank you for your reply Martin
Unfortunately I have many templates
It seems that Cubase should have a user - set default
Would save a lot of time

If you have saved the color set with Store Color Set as Default, you can just open an older project that doesn’t use it and select Reset Color Set to Default. That should update it, or at least it does on Cubase 11.

Thank you, Paka, for your helpful response
I’ve tried this multiple times on Cubase 10.5 , but it does not work .
I guess I should ask Cubase why it does not work

Did you actually save your preferred project track colour?
After clicking on Save Color Set As Default, when you open another project that you want the same color set applied to, you click on as paka mentioned, Reset Color Set to Default.
I’ve just tried it on few projects, works fine, odd if it doesn’t for you.