Saving config for program restart (may be repeat post)

I posted a query earlier, this may be a repeat but the original post isn’t showing. The one here may be clearer.

I’m unable to configure a multiprogram rack, then save it so that it’s there when the application is restarted later. There is a save icon above the rack, that writes a vstpreset file, with default name startup. I would have expected that on restarting the program, this file would be used to restore settings, specifically the contents of the rack. However, this isn’t happening, the rack is always back at a default setting on startup, with only one entry, HALion city in slot 1. Try as I have, I can’t find anything equivalent to a file|open to invoke the startup file.

Is there a path setting somewhere that needs to be set up? The web manual is very vague in this area. TIA


If you right click where it says Startup, it will give you couple of options among them save as default.
Try it to see if it helps.

Thanks, that works a treat.