Saving current preferences to new profile?

I feel like an idiot with all these questions but I’ve just been having a rough go of it on my end my apologies…

So I set my preferences then saved them to preset and also presets for my connections etc, then I saved a new profile and exported it for safekeeping.

I checked the new profile and it didn’t save what I just saved, but they did save under the previous profile. So I guess I’m doing something wrong when it comes to saving the profiles, however, the correct one didn’t save my Connections presets…

So with the profile, it seems as though I should have made the new profile first, then made my preference changes. Very confusing…

Also is it normal for the plugins to scan every time you change your profile?

PS - Every time my plugins scan, i get a terminal thing in my dock and I click it vstscanner, and has something in there that says illegal usage, I am all legit here, and super curious to know what that’s all about.


The Profile takes the settings from the Preferences files. These files are stored while quit Cubase.

So the way is:

  • Make the settings
  • Restart Cubase
  • Store the Profile (and export it to a file, in the best case)

Did you mean folder? So make settings. quit. then new profile save and export?


Sorry, I mean to export it to a file.

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