Saving custom sample editor settings to use with different audio sample

Hi, I created a riser using sample editor envelopes and would like to use these settings with a different audio file. I tried saving the preset and using with a different sample but it switched to using the original sample used to create the preset. Is there a way of disassociating the settings from the original sample to use with another sample? I’d appreciate your wisdom

What you mean with “sample editor envelopes”? The envelope process?
Then you can save the preset inside the envelope process settings…

Sorry i don’t understand so maybe I’ve not explained clearly . I drag a sample into the sample editor, set the sample to continuous loop then create a long pitch envelope and also a filter envelope so say a kick sample speeds up and gets higher in pitch over 4 bars. Once I’ve tweaked these sample editor settings I’d like to use them with a variety of samples eg. crash.

maybe ai should have said the Sampler Control windows, sorry.

i am using a sampler track

that’s not the sample editor then…

sorry for misleading you

I’m trying to figure out how it works… rarely used the sampler track

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