Saving Files in Dorico

Hello all,

I am new to Dorico and just getting started. I am happy I made the switch. I went through John’s getting started PDFS and just looking and searching through the forum to learn. I noticed that my files are being saved in the “backup projects” folder. I’ve attached a picture to show you what I am seeing. In the picture, are the files in the “backup projects” copies of the files on the left? Also, I am curious why the “scales worksheet” was saved in the “backup projects” file?

I know in Sibelius, I had a problem with the files being saved in the backup folder, and then those files were deleted after a certain point, which became a problem for me. I am curious if this is something similar I am experiencing, or if I am saving my files in the wrong manner? Thanks for the help.

You must have made a change on the Files page of Preferences to set the Backup Projects location to be the same as the default project save location. Make sure they’re set to different values: by default, Dorico sets the Backup Projects folder to be inside the Dorico Projects folder, which goes in your user documents folder by default.

Thanks for the response. I am a little confused still, I will send you a PM to clarify, thank you!

Hi Daniel,

Here is a better screenshot. It looks like everything is set up correctly- as you stated the Backup folder is inside the Dorico Projects folder, but all of my files are being saved in the Dorico projects folder, I guess I was looking at it wrong. Does this look correct? Thanks.

This looks correct.

If you click open the Backup Projects (as in your earlier screenshot) you should see that Dorico’s saving a backup copy of the file each time you save, and it’ll hang onto however many versions of the file are specified in Preferences (five by default). If you save the same file more than five times, Dorico will delete backups on a first in first out basis; it’ll delete the oldest version to make room for the newest version. These files will end up in the Trash.

Dorico additionally autosaves every few minutes (by default). The AutoSave folder is a hidden folder stored separately from Dorico Projects (and you can’t alter its location), and its purpose is to save your bacon when relaunching Dorico after a crash. Any time you close a Dorico project normally (not a crash), the AutoSave folder empties to the Trash.

If you take a look in the Trash you should be able to tell the difference between these different files:
AutoSave files have the word “AutoSave” in the filename
Backup filenames are prefixed with the save date and time