Saving files in One Drive *not* working

It is a good thing I back up all of my files on an external drive, because when I save them under Desktop or C drive, not all of the tracks show up the next time I open them. No!

The Instrument tracks work just fine. The Audio tracks, however, do not. They

Does anyone know why One Drive cannot save all of the .cpr file? Or more importantly, where I can successfully save the files besides the external hard drive?

This cannot be the case, there must be something else going on.

Any physical storage device will work. Onedrive and similar (dropbox, etc) will cause various problems due to file lock (when a file is in use it is locked).

You should have a separate backup scheme to protect your work. One Drive etec work fine as a backup, but not to save work in progress.

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Here is what the file saved under C drive looks like:

So this is a One Drive problem then?

Since I am not in front of your machine, nor inside your mind. I cannot tell what’s missing in that project.

Did you understand my previous post?

Don’t use Onedrive.

Agreed don’t use one drive. Backup to there but copy back if you need to work on it. Also it sounds like you are not managing your projects well. I would have a separate drive or a dedicated partition split from the C drive. Also always create a new folder for every track otherwise audio ends up all over the place. I don’t have folders on my desktop. I have a directory structure for my tracks.

I backup to a 2nd internal drive, an external removable drive (I take this out of the house with me) and onto a nas drive. Cloud drives are good but not for running the project from. Backup only.

you mean every project? Otherwise that’s a lot of folders lol

Yes every project not track.

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Of course you are not psychic, hon.
As you can see in the picture, the purple tracks labeled VOX verse are blank.

I am trying not to use OneDrive! but when I save to my Desktop, files are automatically sent to OneDrive. This sh-- is lame. :frowning:

This must mean you are opening a different file than you saved.

Possibly this will help, it’s worth checking, sweetie :grin:

  1. Start a new project, or use an existing one
  2. Save it in a folder. (use Save As if it’s an already existing project)
  3. Make some changes and hit save
  4. Close the project and quit Cubase
  5. Now, in Windows File Explorer navigate to the folder you just saved in and double-click the project file.

Does it open with the changes you previously saved?

Here’s a video of what I mean, as far as the saving goes (I used an empty project to demonstrate)