Saving Fonts

I’m sure I’m missing something simple, but saving fonts doesn’t appear to work the way it’s described in the manuel. I want to use expression markings (with Shift + x), but I get that there’s no way to save those as defaults. The window opens every time to Academica (even though Optima is set as the default font for text) so I have to scroll through the endless font list each time to get what I want. I’ve read of people using the dynamic markings instead. I’ve saved Dynamic Text Font as Optima Italic. But when I call it up with Shift + d, it’s not italic, and I’m not sure if it’s Optima, as there is no way to set the font there. What simple step am I missing?

When you add text items by pressing Shift-X, you can select paragraph styles to apply to the text; font styles are not available.

Likewise, changing the default font style doesn’t change the Default Text paragraph style: you need to change both of these if you want to update all text fonts project-wide.

Go to Library > Paragraph Styles to create paragraph styles, then click the star to save them as default.

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Thank you, Lillie! That solved the problem tout suite. :slight_smile:

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Shift X is the shortcut for the Default Text Paragraph Style. I’ve created a separate Paragraph Style for Expressions, in italic. Once it’s saved as a default, I can set a different key shortcut for that (Shift E).

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