Saving GA4 as GA4 SE

Hi all,

I am about to turn a nice collection of loops into something more dynamic and playable for a potential commercial release. I have both HALion 6 and GA4 full version and for drum stuff, GA 4 seems like a logical choice.

In HALion 6 we now have the possibility to create sound and libraries that may be used with HALion Sonic SE in cubase which opens up a bigger audience. Is there something similar in the GA world?

So my Q is: Is it in any way possible to:

A: Create kits in the full version of GA 4 and then save them as GA 4 SE readable files?
B: Create kits in GA 4 and then use the HALion 6 library creator to pack them as VST Sound? (Preferably as GA 4 SE)