Saving Groove Agent ONE samples

Hi people,

I am having to use the C5 Groove Agent One vst plugin in C6 because the C6 plugin wont run on my leopard mac (it crashes the app totally). I’m soon to upgrade to Snow Leopard and true compatibility (hopefully) but I want to know if anyone has found an improvement to the way that the samples are handled. In C5 if my understanding is correct, there is no way to batch save the samples used in a groove agent one kit. When transferrring projects from one machine to another this is quite serious. The only solution I have found is to copy the files required into the audio pool and then backup the project. On the new machine the audio folder is scanned when Groove Agent One reports the missing samples and all is good again.

Has this been fixed in Cubase 6… perhaps with the new C6 plugin?

Are there any other solutions?

Any help much appreciated.

From Cubase 5.5 you can save a GAO kit.
In GAO window, select “save preset”.
On my mac i’ve the preset saved in: User/library/audio/preset/Steinberg Media Tecnology/Groove Agent One/

Groove Agent ONE has an “Export” button for that since Version 1.1 (Cubase 5.5). Same in Cubase 6, of course. It exports a VST3 Preset and all user samples for that kit. Equally, you can use the “Import” Button to import such user kits. Exception: protected content from Cubase VSTSound archives. These samples are not exported. But you want this for your own kits and samples. So, there you go.

Thanks guys, I tried export but didn’t think the file sizes made sense… I’ve looked into it further and I think it must be compressing the audio in a similar fashion to a zip file. I’ve used samples with increasing size and exported new versions of the kit - each time the file size is getting larger so it points to it working. It’s definitely not the same size… for example a 7MB total in GAOne becomes a 1.6 MB .gak file. Can anyone confirm that the samples are being compressed to create the smaller file size?

Trust me - it makes sense. The “gak” file is a simple container for convenience but the files are not compressed. Maybe you used a combination of custom samples and factory content (from a VST Sound archive). As mentioned before, the latter ones are only referenced but not exported.

I didn’t use any factory samples - all were custom. I wonder what’s going on with the file size… will do some more tests. Thanks for your assistance.

Hi Danny, realise this was an old post but I have the same problem in that GA1 does not export the audio samples, it just references my samples in their original location. It’s obviously an issue that if you don’t stick all your samples in an assets folder/pool for the project then it’s easy to delete them without realising where they were used!

Did you find a way to manage this other than doing the above?

Export doesn’t do what people above say it does; there is no functionality of it saving the audio files, which is why you are seeing a smaller size. I’m assuming that if you tested this, you’ve discovered this by now. This really does need to be updated. Even just an “add used samples to pool” button would help, or an export that actually made a useful, full export of all relevant material. As it is, it’s quite shoddy.

I have the same issue. Very very very annoying for trying to get ideas from my travel laptop to my studio computer. Having an option to back up the samples would make life much easier

well ppl,
i imported some samples into cubase6 project, than drag’n’drop them into gao. After that, i exported kit with unique name as .gak file into custom folder i named for example “gao kits presets”. Then, i deleted samples from cubase project, close that project, open some different project, open gao as new vst instrument. then, i imported vst preset file with same unique name as .gak, and all samles are where they should be. Important for some who are novice-all that export and import was done in exchange section on the right side of master fader of gao gui. Btw. size of exported .gak file is as big as original samples. No compression

And, if you want to move(or copy) project from one machine to another, of course you have to move(or copy) .gak and .vst preset file too. Factory presets are anyway installed, so it’s good not to mix factory presets with custom samples. Simply create and open another instance oh gao with custom samples.