Saving in 9.5.21

Anyone noticed that you can’t quit without it asking you to save, even if you’ve just saved and there is no additional changes?


That was already happening at least in Cubase 9.5.20.


Don’t think it was happening to me.

I have same problem since 9.5.21

Yes. Absolutely sure.

Yep it’s been happening here too. Although if you you Shift Q immediately after you save you can sometimes avoid it!!

haha I’ll try that. It’s just a bit unsettling.

This has been a problem prior to 9.5.21 for me too. My solution is to type cntl-save with the mouse positioned just under the upper-right (x) close icon, and then immediately click the close icon. It seems that Cubase is interpreting mouse movements as additional changes to the project. Just one of my numerous work-arounds… :frowning:

Not happening to me; if I choose save, and then quit, Cubase closes.


Weird! Doesn’t happen here either! As a matter of fact this version (9.5.21) seems to be the most stable version I’ve experienced for years!