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I’m new to dorico and really happy i switched from sibelius. However, the only annoying thing i cannot seem to find an answer too is that everytime i save an existing project dorico saves it the main folder which results in a duplicate. I’d like to organise my material by artist within the main dorico folder. So right now everytime i hit cmd+S i need to delete my old file in the artist folder and drag the newly saved project to the artist folder. Does anyone know a solution to this? Would be greatly appreciated (i’m a bit of an organise freak).


Welcome to the forum, Dom. When you first save a project (by choosing File > Save or typing Command-S), you will be prompted which location to save it into, but after you’ve made that choice the first time you should find that subsequent invocations of Command-S simply overwrite the version of the project you last saved. I think the key is to make sure you choose the right location the first time, and then everything will be OK after that.

To get out of the loop you might be in now, try closing the project in Dorico, then in the Finder move the project to the folder you want it to be located in permanently, and then reopen it by double-clicking it from that location. Now when you do Command-S, that will be the file that gets updated/replaced.

This worked! Thank you so much for the help!

For the first time I am writing to a forum. After Cubase and Finale I’ve been working with dorico for years, I have long dreamed of such a program. And I want to ask : Each time Dorico reloads, I reopen the current project from the recents and after some editing try to save Ctrl. S, Dorico again asks where to save the project. No more asking a second time. So it must be, or if I don’t know something?

Many thanks
Sigitas Stalmokas

Welcome to the forum, Sigitas. It sounds as if you are saving your projects into the Backup Projects folder rather than the Dorico Projects folder, or that you have set the path for the Backup Projects folder to be the same as the Dorico Projects folder in the General page of Preferences. Can you please check?

By default, the Backup Projects folder should be inside the Dorico Projects folder: they should not be set to the same path.

Dear Daniel, Thanks for the quick reply.
I create my project folder in the Dorico default Projects folder. After reopening the project from my created folder, followed by CTR. S saves it to the Default project folder. Then I have to specify my folder 1 time.


Can you check that the Backup Projects and Dorico Projects locations are indeed different, on the General page of Preferences?

Works! Thank you very much.
Sorry I’m a little nerd, not immediately I realized.:slight_smile:

Best Regards

I had that same question. Thank you for your help.