Saving issue

This one has been bugging me for a while now. It’s not a broken functionality, but it’s still pretty annoying that this happens.

Say for instance I file-save (or CTRL + S) a project and then try to exit the program. Cubase asks me once again if I want to save. It seems to do this when I reach a certain point on many of my projects. It’s definitely saving when I tell it to do so the first time. I just don’t understand why it’s asking me again up exiting immediately.

Has anyone else encountered this? It’s not a HUGE deal to me since the save function is actually working, but it is becoming somewhat annoying.

I thought the latest 7.5.20 upgrade dealt with this, at least that’s what I thought I saw in the release notes… But as mentioned in another thread, I use the Save As option (to keep old versions) and that option seems to work OK on my Win7 system. Don’t know about the Save option.

Tell you what tho, when I export and don’t import the file it always prompts for saving even though nothing should have changed in the project… That’s annoying. I press Save As New Version in this case.