Saving multiple instruments as preset

I see this question has been asked in the past but can’t see any usable answer.
I have created a sound I want to keep by using one instrument track from KOntakt, one instrument track from BBC S.O. and one external instrument track from my Yamaha piano. How can I save this sound as a single instrument. So far I have had to save this as a project and make all three tracks play simultaneously by selecting each track while holding the CTRL key. Surely there must be a simpler way to do this. Can anyone help with this please.

You can save multiple tracks as a single preset by selecting them, then right clicking and selecting “Save Track Preset”. This will save the tracks as a “TrackPreset Multi”.

After loading this “multi”, select the tracks that showed up, right click, then select “Move Selected Tracks to New Folder”. You’ll now be able to Record Enable or Monitor all tracks in this folder with a single click.

This can be a little finicky if you have the Editing → Project & MixConsole → “Enable Record on Selected Audio/MIDI Track” preference enabled.

That’s brilliant, thank you very much.