Saving my presets(sounds)

hi,if i create a sound or tewak a preset on a vst i have been saving it as a track preset.
this is the purpose of this yeah?
anyway,i had to reinstall windows to new ssd few months back.
just today i saved a track preset,and have realised all the track presets i had saved over the years are gone.
i still have the hdd that windows was on before.
is there any chance those track presets are buried somewhere that i can get back?
i have done a bit of a look myself,but no avail

hi,thanks for reply.
in the old user folder from before i installed windows onto ssd
C:\Users\your_username*\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Track Presets
at this location the track presets folder is empty.
How could the track presets have dissapeared from this folder?

anyone any clues on this?

Maybe just search for trackpreset on that disk at first.

all one word as in trackpreset and not track preset or track presets?

ok so i tried trackpresets and track presets
only thing that comes up is the empty track presets folder
how can the track presets have dissapeared?


Where did you save the preset ? In the Vsti or in the inserted plugin window only?

Seems odd but i guess that you have not used “save track presets” in the Inspector in Cubase or else they would all be in that folder.

You must remember at least one name or your own saved presets so search the whole old harddrive for that name.

Please tell us more how you do when you are saving a track preset so we can understand your path.

thanks for your reply.
i save track presets in the inspector where it says “no track preset” i click on that and “save track preset”

Ok then its odd.

You have clicked the option in Windows so that you see all files etc. Even system files ?

Seems to me that the files are hidden in your new Windows installaion.