saving new master pages

Forgive me for a silly question, but is it possible to save a master page layout as DEFAULT for all future files I create?
For Instance, I want it to always display {@projectcomposer@} – {@flowtitle@} – {@layoutname@} in headers after page on the top.
and ideally have today’s date on the bottom inside edge.

I want the copyright line to also have today’s date.


I can figure out how to get most of this done in a file – except getting the date to show up on the inside edge, that seems cumbersome in Dorico as I may have to make new text boxes…

But Is there a way to set this up once and forever so I don’t have to edit the master page layout of each new file every time?
I did try to search the forum but couldn’t find the answer…

thank you!

No, unfortunately not. All you can do currently is save a blank project file, make it read-only, and treat it as your project template.

Master pages have been discussed, and I imagine this functionality will be added eventually.

bummer – thanks. Maybe I’ll save all of my {@reallyreallylong@} {@thelongestpossibletokenintheworld@} text in a separate file somewhere for easy recall. :slight_smile:

If you attach a project with your preferred master pages in it, I can do a bit of hackery to make those available in all new projects for you. This isn’t necessarily a service I can offer to everybody, and nor is it something that can be done by anybody if they just have the secret knowledge I possess, but I am willing to do it for people within reason provided you understand that I might not be able to do it instantly!

Daniel, that is so kind of you!
Are you sure this isn’t a “teach a man to fish” kind of situation? Is it hackery inside the Dorico programme?

thank you

I’m afraid I can only give you a fish. It’s not possible for you to extract the necessary bits from the project file, but I can do it because I have other tools than Dorico itself available to me.

That’s very kind of you. All I really want to do is recreate the way I had default headers/footers done in Sibelius… :slight_smile:
is there a way to make a footer aligned to “outer edge”? I used to put $DateLong\ there.

Yes, it’s quite easy to create a footer aligned to the outside edge by editing the master page. That’s the reason why there is both a left and a right. You would just want to make the two pages slightly different, and don’t copy the footer formatting from one to the other.

Actually, you can have two duplicated L & R pages, provided you create your footer as a full page wide text frame, and select the token text property justification to be created in a Paragraph style where you can select “inside edge” or “outside edge”.