Saving New Playing Techniques

Is there a way to save newly created Playing Techniques? I can create a custom Expression Map with my own custom playing techniques, but if I save the Expression Map and then import the library into a new project, the newly created playing techniques do not get imported with the Expression Map, therefore the Expression Map is useless. Saving a playback template doesn’t seem to be the answer either… So how do you get your custom playing techniques into a new project?

I would also request that there be the ability to create user folders in the Edit Playing Techniques category list, so that one could save all custom techniques in a user folder…and presumably at some point save them all. I use literally over 200 custom playing techniques to give me the flexibility to chose from 200 or so possible articulations in my VSL instruments etc…I only want to create my custom Playing Techniques and Expression Maps once in Dorico as it is very time consuming.

Certainly the improvements in the playback area of Dorico 3 have been significant and very welcome. Thank you to the Dorico team.

You can save your own playing techniques so that they will be available in any new project you start by clicking the star button in the action bar for each of the playing techniques you want to make available in other projects.

When you save your own custom playback template, any playing techniques (both the kind you edit in Engrave > Playing Techniques, and the playback ones referred to in expression maps) are included in the saved playback template, so when you apply that playback template in another project, all of those playing techniques will automatically be added there.

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It would be much better to have an option to export and import playing techniques. Same with master pages. Will this available soon?

We will of course provide functionality to import and export all manner of user-defined things in projects in future versions, but it is not something you should expect imminently.

Daniel, when you say “save your own custom playback template”, do you actually mean “endpoint configuration, that you will then add to a playback template”? Or am I missing a command to directly save a playback template?


No, you’re not missing anything, Paolo. You do indeed first need to save an endpoint configuration before you can create a playback template.