Saving new project..


I am wondering how you are saving your projects when creating a new one.

I wish this was possible:

When I simply start a new project using the default location (or prompt for project location, doesn´t matter) and after a while I decide to save my project with a different name that I have come up with after a while. Then I just hit save as and choose another location andr create a new folder where I want everything to end up. Ofcourse I also want the included audiofiles, freezes and whatever else I have in my project, to be moved to the new location when I save. But when doing this it just saves the cubase project file and nothing else.

So for now I just save everything in the default location, changing the name of the song, which still doesn´t affect the project folder. Then I quit the project in cubase, rename the folder in the cubase projects folder, and move it to the location I want it. And then when I want to open it again within cubase, well I can´t because cubase can´t find it. So I have to open it from the finder.

There must be a better way of saving than this? I used logic before, and it works just the way I wish it would work in cubase.

Thanks in advance

Nope. With Cubase you have to change the folder name manually. Note that in the open dialog you can hit command-r to reveal the folder in the FInder when you want to change the name.

With Cubase you have to conform your workflow to the Cubase way. Resistance is futile. :wink:

Have a look at the “backup project…” function. It should do what you’re looking for.

I understand where you are coming from, and it’s a perfectly reasonable request, but you seem to be making an assumption that everybody works the way you do.

I suspect that you are recording music materials from sources that you have created yourself, where each part is associated with one ‘song’ only, and you want to keep all the component materials together, in a single folder on a single disk drive on your computer. Yes, and a lot of people also want that.

But lots of people do work where they are assembling music, speech dialogue, samples, video clips, bla bla bla from a myriad of sources - sources that are not necessarily relevant to just one ‘arrangement’ or ‘song’.

To work your way, those people would need to copy the source materials into the sole folder/directory structure you envisage. But those source audio materials may not be located on the same computer, storage device, server, geographical location whatever…and they may be very big files, and the bits you want may just be a very small part of the whole file.

The Cubase arrangement file is essentially what many people know as an Edit Decision List (EDL). Look it up, and you’ll find it’s a well-used concept, where the arrangement file just contains reference pointers to the physical locations of all parts that make up the arrangement. The EDL also knows the used in/out points for each of those component takes, which track/channel they should play back on, and at what time in the arrangement they should play. And of course, the arrangement file also knows about mix and automation parameters, and where they should change in real-time. (in Cubase, the arrangement file also contains the MIDI data too)

This sort of operating paradigm has been at the core of many audio and video editors for a long time now. Ask users of products like Adobe Premiere, and you’ll see that it works very well. It’s really quite relevant where the source materials might be large. Imagine if you had to have the whole of a video file, just so you could use a few seconds of audio, somewhere in the middle of it?

In the scenario you envisage, if any of your source files were in shared use by another person, then they’d be pretty annoyed if they lost them because you’d decided to save the project elsewhere and just you moved them without their knowledge.

You’d even annoy yourself if you saved your kick drum sample in a new location, and then all the other song arrangements you’d created that used that kick drum sample just lost touch with their source material. You’d have no kick drum on any of those tracks any more, unless you manually made copies of the file(s) back to their original locations.

What you can do is to copy the whole source folder and then open the new arrangement file in Cubase, at which point Cubase will detect that the folder has moved or been copied, and will ask whether you want to use the new or old locations. That way, you stay in control.

Cubase is quite intelligent in this way - it understands the difference between relative and absolute folder locations - and is asking you to confirm what you intended.

Your idea isn’t wrong. It’s just a ‘different’ way of working. Cubase’s method tries not to waste disk space, by duplicating data unnecessarily - and in a networked environment, reduces some of the need to move whole, large files across relatively slow media. The arrangement file is very small, compared to the size of the data it references.

You might also like to look at the way programs like Cakewalk can save data optionally into ‘bundles’ or archive files - where the whole song directory structure and files are embedded within a single ‘archiveable’ (ie copy-able) file. But that file wil be a lot bigger than a Cubase arrangement file - certainly it will usually be far too large to be treated like an email attachment.

Thanks for your answers, especially yours paulb, that´s quite an answer there :wink:

Yes I understand there is different ways of working, I just would like to have a choice to what suite me, or anyone else best. Ofcourse I could get use of this way of saving, but why not have this logic way of saving too.

All I am using is bounces and freezes and sometimes I record a guitar or whatever. So for me I just like to have all files for a song in that songs folder. As I said just like the way you save in logic. Why not have it as an option of saving, that´s all.

So for me I just like to have all files for a song in that songs folder. As I said just like the way you save in logic. Why not have it as an option of saving, that´s all.

You do have it as an option…it’s called backup project as was already mentioned.

Oh sorry, I suck. That worked great. Thanks.

Maybe I should have typed a couple of pages with my post… :confused:
Glad we got it worked out! :smiley:

Haha yes maybe you should have, thanks for the help =)

Thank you Paulb. I always wondered like the thread starter why Cubase behaves so mysterious concerning saving projects. Now i understand though I keep relying on having all my files in a separate folder since all recordings are unique and song related anyway in my work. But very enlightening…

I just found this having the same issue. Your request is right on but not for the reasons some have used, but because Cubase 3 and 4 DID IT THIS WAY. I just got Cubase 7 and was not happy with this particular function. BTW, the Backup Project does not sound very intuitive at all for my purpose (or yours I gather). Because that’s not what I’m doing.

I set up a project as my go to template. I have all the channels, with their eq, FX, compression etc already set up. I start ALL projects here. And in Cubase 3/4 would do SAVE AS and it gave me the option there to create new folder, location etc. But I will try the Backup function.