Please Implement saving options in preferences.

Every time Cubase save a project, is going through all of the VST instruments, and plugins loaded, which make the saving time really long, specially if you are working with big templates of VST instruments loaded directly on Cubase or using VE pro.
What I propose is to be able to switch from a “Global saving” ( the one we already have, saving all the parameters)
and a “Customized saving” (that allows us to choose the parameters to be saved like: Midi and audio edition and recording, Mixer changes, PLugins, VST instruments, etc)

In this way if I’m working with VST instruments for example and I’m not doing any changes on the sounds parameters, and I’m only editing midi and audio, I can save with the customised saving which will take a lot less time cause is not going through all of the VST instruments.

This is really important cause a big template can take 45seconds to 1 minute to save, which is horribly long. :bulb:

This would be a massive improvement. Please implement x1000