Saving patches and programs of nord lead inside cubase 7

I have set the external instrument Clavia Nord Lead 2 and now i open it has a regular instrument and works everything has expected, i just am not figuring out the best way to manage the sounds that are loaded in the Nord Lead between different projects! can anyone give me some hints how should i approach this?

Saving the sysex is the only way? i should create 1 midi track (like Nord lead SEtup) with all program sysex dumps? from each program or performance?

Thank you for Any help!


whenever I finish a track with my NL2 I dump the single patches from each channel I’ve used to the start of the project and render the audio. Not much else to add.

thank you! i see, what should be the best place to put those messages?
i eard something of precount but i don’t know hwta is that, other then then pre count from metronome


try this: