Saving Plugin presets consistently broken in N12

This may even date to N11. It just won’t save plugin presets. When I type in a name and hit save it blinks and doesn’t do anything. In most third party plugs I can still save within the plugin itself but the function has been broken in Nuendo for some time.

In my experience, it is a Windows permissions issue.

I did once have to re-format a hard drive and start afresh (not simply perform an OS reinstallation).

Are you on Windows?
Do you have admin rights for your user?
Check whether you have rights for yourself where the presets are stored - and if necessary, enter “everyone” there.
Sometimes the rights were not set correctly or were inherited. Then you simply don’t have the right to write.
So just check the user rights and correct/repair them if necessary.

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i’m on Mac, Running Monterey OS. It’s so funny I’ve never had this happen before since N2, But thank you for pointing me in that direction I will go make sure. I do run with admin rights, but who knows what the OS may have done.


i’m on Mac but… I’m going to check the permissions anyway. thanks!

It seems this is an issue of SIP (system integrity protection) on Macs. I was very surprised to find that the OS would not allow me to turn on Write permissions to my own User folder! Here’s an article on disabling SIP if anyone else is interested. I’ll report back if this fixes the Nuendo issue: