Saving project?

Yesterday Wavelab crashes when opening another application with the wrong samplerate, that’s not the problem :wink: but it brings me to the point that a project is saved only when closing WaveLab. After the crash all my project settings are gone.

Maybe it’s possible to save the project explicit from an menu entry.

Can’t you save a Project from the Save As on the ribbon File tab? (not menu)

Yes! Thx! :mrgreen:

You’re welcome. Looking at it, it does seem kind of odd there doesn’t seem to be a “Save” in addition to the “Save As” to save the Project file, unless I just don’t see it, or maybe I don’t have the right documents open. Also, maybe there’s a shortcut in preferences for it that can be assigned keystrokes. That would be much more convenient.

Whether the project is names (save as) or not, it is auto-saved regularly. Almost every time you open or close a file. This is why I am a bit surprised by the original post.