saving projects makes untitled folders


whenever i save projects save as , i always get a new untitled folder in the same directory for every save.

is there anyway that i can fix this ?


At the bottom of the New Project Dialog

If you have “Use default location”, you can change the folder name where my mouse is.

I have it set to prompt me every time I create a project.

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Is there any way that i can have just one folder for all data from the cpr’s? (many cpr, one data folder to rule them all… oh gawd that just sounded so friggin corny… loool)

cheers n thx for all your help=)

uhm, yeah … that’s the part where I said the mouse points to “Put Folder Name HERE”


so, i choose a default location folder , lets call it project data.

now, whenever i open a new project, it takes that project data folder, yes, but, always makes a -01, -02 etc…
(project data-01, project data-02 etc) instead of just using that folder for all future projects…

hooooold on… i may have sniffed to many vapors while cleaning up today… , ok, i made another folder in my tracks folder… now all new ones go into one folder…

  • one more thing… all tracks that i have done up to now are all saved in the older messy format. - does anyone know if i can move all the old cpr data folders to my new folder?

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You can move everything. It will ask you where things are once you start the project again. Make a backup of a project and copy it to work out the kinks.

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Whenever a project is in a location cubase is not aware of you will be asked to specify a project folder.

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things get complicated when you move 25 untitled folders … which untitled goes to which cpr? lol…

still biting on that one…

rename the folder to any name … then do a find media process when you open the cpr.

Like I said, pick a project and move the data. Once you see how it works, the rest are no problem.

Oh, and look in the pool of the project … it will tell you what directory it thinks the media is in.

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Are you wanting to assign a directory or drive root as the default location for audio files?

If so +1