Saving + Recalling Quick Controls is great... however....

if your insert is in a different slot, it does not recall the mappings for that Plugin… is this by design? to counter multiple instances of the same effect?

If that is the case… how I would deal with it is,

if 1 instance of the plugin exists, map to that no matter the position, if multiple instances exist, map only if in the same position… if multiple instances are saved and only 1 exist, don’t map

id say 90% of the time my plugins would be in a different order, which makes quick control saving less useful…

seriously? that is lame. reminds of the way generic remote mappigns are fixed to a respective track and get lost once a track is moved. that’s proper half-baked.

Preferable to have instruments identified by rack slot, especially when multiple instances of Kontakt for example. Most kontakt libraries have a unique scripted UI and it’s not in the least unusual that no software houses stick to the same cc codes to control the multi page UI 's.

Haven’t tried it yet but it would be good to save a unique set of controls for each instrument that could be recalled in a new project no matter what slot they were in…? One of the reasons not to use automap, it just saw kontakt as kontakt and not a unique instrument with a bespoke UI and controller layout.

i suspect the OP talks about the QC presets for inserted vst plugins.

yes, I mean the QC presets for individual channels, audiochans etc

Oops! Wrong thread! :slight_smile: