Saving samples and presets


sorry if this has been covered but can’t find an answer anywhere.

How do u save a new preset with samples you have loaded in GA 1 ?

i spent a night building kick patches, snare patches etc from my samples that i have in dedicated folders on my hard drive. They saved to the preset list, i could re open them all working great.

Today i start a new project open GA 1 go to load my preset and it tells me i have to relink the samples.

So do the samples that you load only relate to that project? or am i doing somthing stupid that you can all laugh about?
All i want to do is have preset drums that i can load up quickly to get a beat going.



all i needed to do is load via mediabay

is it possible to save only one sample and settings? For example, if I made snare sound with filters edits, and want to use this sound with different kits?