Is there any way to speed up saving and especially auto-saving in Win Nuendo? I have a project with NO automation, decent amount of clips, just a 3 minute song. Seems to take forever to auto-save which is highly annoying when working. I tried to clean the project, combining clips, removing unused takes from Pool and stuff like that but it won’t save any faster. I’m working on fast computer with SSD drives so it cannot be it.

I would imagine simple procedure like saving a project could be done in the background, invisibly? I remember using a SAW software at some point which saved a full backup project file on each change instantly, essentially removing a need to save at all. This was many years back with significantly slower tech, I can’t understand why this is a problem today with such evolved software like Nuendo.

Steinberg - do you have plans to fix this for Nuendo 5.5.x or at least for Nuendo 6?

What plugs are you using? When Nuendo saves, it saves the state of every plug, so if yo are using a lot, it does take time. FWIW it is the same on Pro Tools 9.

I have thought about trying to run Nuendo from a disc cache, but have not got round to trying it out. If it works, it could solve all sorts of things, as saving to RAM should be very quick. The saving from RAM to disc would be done seamlessly in the background.


No, it depends on the OS you are on.
There are a few ways/protocols to write data to a disc.
To put it simply: Nuendo uses certain formats of statements to write data to storage.
When querying certain systems, the process gets stuck somewhere (the OS, not Nuendo) and gets in a long loop.
Only after a long time, the OS falls back to IRP statements to write the data.
This is causing the long response time on some systems.

Basically, this is not a Nuendo problem, but a problem of a combination of OS’s and/or polyserve systems.
There was a quick solution to the problem, but development had to give up the “no corrupt projects” saftey for that.
The reason it took so long.
But finaly, they have found a solution, which will come with one of the next updates.


Great news & thanks for sharing this info!

Some of us are using this which was written by a board member here.

basically, you run this instead of autosave and it will remind you to save. Saving still takes a while, but at least now it just just surprise you in the middle of a thought and blow your workflow. You see the reminder, finish what your doing, save. It helps a lot.

The reminder is a little “time to hit ctrl-s” text box that appears over your mouse. Control S makes it disappear for a while.