Saving takes longer than standard

Hi guys,
saving a project cause a longer than standard time (mouse wheel keeps turning for like 4/6 seconds), like if the ssd is slow and let cubase wait to access it but I’ve done many benchmark and ssd are fine.

Both Cubase and Projects are located in two different M.2 SSDs.
It’s a problem I’m having since some days and I’ve nothing new installed/updated.

My CPU is an i9 9900K.
32Gbs of DDR4 Ram.
Nvidia GTX1050Ti GPU.

Can you suggest me something to try?

This is sometimes a sign of a corrupted preferences file. Do you have a back-up of your prefs?

No, I’ll do right now and test!


Are you using Vienna Instruments Pro by chance?

No mate

I have one project with a certain kontakt library that takes longer to save then any other.