Saving templates the right place

when creating a template and saving it under ‘save as template’ they always end up in the ‘more’ tab in Cubase hub. How can I direct my templates to into,- lets say the ‘recording’ or ‘production’-tab in the Hub.

Or for that sake make my own folders ?

Regards Dr Tolle


In the Hub, you can right-click to the template and select Reveal in Finder (Open in Explorer??? on Windows). The folder will open. But… There is only one folder for all factory templates.

So there must be some tag in the project or something like this.

Cubase is designed so that all user templates are shown in the More tab.

Ok so its not possible to create folders in the ‘more’ tab. Thats would have been nice it was possible just to organize ones Templates as some people might have many of them.

Anyway thanks for the answer Martin.

I don’t know about adding more folders, but you can move any existing templates from one folder to another. This transfer of templates is done in Media Bay.

Are you asking how to direct future templates into the proper folders?

Great - and also see the folders in the ‘more’ tab ?

Creating folders folders is not a problem but having them to show in the Hub i cant figure out.

I don’t think there is a way, and no way to create a folder or folder inside a folder and it show up in the hub.

I think you can only move them to the categories (folders) that are given. (see attached.) For example, a basic template of mine is “01 Cubase 10.5 default” so I can only select 1 of the 6 categories.


However I couldn’t get it working. I tagged some of my templates like you did in the mediabay. But they still show up in the ‘more’ tab.
Refer the screenshots

Weird. Maybe Martin has the answer?

Why do you have 1 in template category and I have 5 to choose from?

Not sure I understand what you mean

Thomas :wink:

Sorry, I made an assumption with your screenshot where the arrow is pointing to “mastering” and assumed this was your only category while my screenshot shows 6 categories.


I have just tried this here. When I select the template project in MediaBay and open the Right Zone in the MediaBay and select one of the Template Category there and then open Steinberg Hub, I can find my template in the relevant category in Steinberg Hub.