saving uncompressed AIFF shows as AIFF-C on osx


On Windows, saving a file as: Type= Aiff (apple); Extension = Aiff; Audio format = PCM uncompressed 48KHz / 16 bit
then shows up as AIFF-C in the OSX Finder Info window
Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 13.02.11.png
AIFF-C appears to represent a compressed audio - which we don’t want.

Why does this happen, and should I use different settings to save as uncompressed?


In the first picture, try using file extension aif instead of aiff. I think that’ll do it.

If it doesn’t, you could try 44.1 instead of 48k as a test.

The Finder does not say the file is containing compressed data.
AIFF-C does not mean the file is compressed. This is a newer and more universal format that handles both compressed an uncompressed format. WaveLab does not compress audio in this AIFF-C.

Sorry, I thought this was the old AIFC problem where some programs wouldn’t play the files. Seems nearly all new AIFF files from most programs, like iTunes, are identified by Mac OS as AIFF-C now.

Thank you bob99 and PG, sounds like i shouldn’t be worrying about this.