Saving VST instrument presets - peculiarities?

I am setting up some orchestral templates for East West, have them mostly done. When I go to the instances of play and save using the diamond shaped button then ‘Save Preset’ I am getting some quirky behaviours.

Firstly after I save the preset I cant then find it later in another instance the preset screen for Play its all blank all the time (no filters on) even when I have saved some presets myself - so I know there must be some.

Secondly, although all preset names are showing up in the top of the instance of Play, and on the instrument rack below the instance, in the Inspector of the Project window only some show up and some are blank (!) ? No big deal but its bugging me!

I cant say I am that good with Media bay as yet… maybe its me :wink:

Can someone explain what’s going on please.


Rescan your vst3 presets folder in the Media Bay (it’s in the User Content folder) and see if it helped.

There could be several reasons why your presets are not visible… and the most common one is not our fault at all… when certain plugin developers bring out a new update, sometimes the manufacturer name has changed slightly, and a new presets folder will be created for it.
So I would say, to start with, locate your main presets folder, and see if you can see two similar subfolders for Play (or maybe one might be inside an EastWest folder? just guessing there :wink: ).
Also, save a new, test preset, then see if you can locate it outside of Cubase (sorry, I forget which platform you are on), and see if it has been saved alongside other presets for Play, or if it is on its own.
At any rate, all your Play presets should be in that folder (so that you have no duplicates).
Once you have at least sorted out that first situation, it may then be simply a question of rescanning MediaBay.
If even that doesn’t work, then you’l need to rebuild your actual database in the Cubase Preferences folder. The easiest way to check if that will eventually solve the problem, is to remove your Cubase Preferences (or App. data) folder, together with that of any previous versions of Cubase, if any, so that Cubase 6 will rebuild them from scratch on next launch (but that is a bit of a sledgehammer to crack a walnut, I admit :wink: ).

I’m afraid the MediaBay database can be a bit of a “can of worms” sometimes.