Saving VST instrument programs - how?

Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5

I’ve read the manuals and am still confused. How do I manage my presets for VST instruments? I have

  • a number of free VST synths in Cubase;

  • along with those, a bunch of free sounds/presets for them;

  • plus new sounds I’ve created on those synths.

What are the best ways to organise the presets? I see there is a previewer, but it usually doesn’t display anything much so I find the files using Load Preset, which is a bit of a faff. Then, when I create a new sound, where do I store it so that Cubase sees it? I notice that when I save the new sound, it does not appear in the VST synth’s program display. I think I have my folders in the wrong place. How do I make the previewer see all my sounds?

A few words of guidance, please!


How do you “create a new sound”? Do you use any specific VSTi? Or do you use a VSTi + set of plug-ins? If it’s based on one VSTi only, you can store it in the VSTi directly. If it’s based on multiple VSTi + VSTs, save it as a Track Preset.

I mean a VSTi virtual synth instrument. I’m confused as to where to store newly-created patches. The previewer doesn’t show them after I’ve saved them, probably because I’ve saved them in the wrong place. Steinberg’s manual is so brief as to be almost useless and it gives no hints or guidance, just basic facts.


What Instrument (VSTi) do you use? The Preview works only for internal HALion Sonic. Btw, you have to provide any MIDI/keyboard input.

I use a number of instruments, many I’ve downloaded free such as PG-8X, deputy64 etc. The preset viewer (the box that appears with Filters/Results/Previewer) doesn’t often show any of the programs/patches that are available in my folders - but sometimes it does, even with my free synths, and I don’t know why. I’d like to know how I organise my presets so they appear in it.

I just need a little basic guidance on managing patches in these synths. I’m confused!


The Browser in the Add Track dialog shows just HALion Sonic SE presets. If you want to load other presets type, you have to load it from the MediaBay directly.

I would recommend to use Track presets.