Dear All,
I need some advice how to cleverly save files in Cubase. I work regularly on songs and after a few months, even hours work the files can be found in Temp folders which can get full easily. In the temp folder all audios are recorded (even those which I didn’t keep) and automatically it is named “Untitled…”. I would like things get organised as my hard drive gets full and also hard to keep track of what I have done and updated since.
I read once to create a Back Up project which saves all folders in one specific folder. I did this, however I noticed, if I re-open it creates another session file again in a different folder and starts saving again in a newly created “Untitled” folder on another drive. I would like all things in one place under the name of the song.
In Adobe Audition before I could click on the audio wave and ‘save as’ with its own names in a chosen folder.
Please, help how I can specifically tell Cubase which folder to save to and also where to save audio in a folder I created. Where are these settings? I would like to change existing projects, not a blank one.
Thank you for any help!

How often do you save? I’ve made a habit of hitting ‘Ctrl S’ every time I make or move or change anything, even before I get up to move in my chair. When your project begins it asks you where you want it saved to, right? But once you get the project open you manually save it to your own folder, correct? If you don’t then I’d create a ‘My Projects’ folder in your documents or desktop you can easily get to and immediately save all your projects in a new folder with the project name in that folder. Is that what you’re doing? Let me know if any of this helps you.

As William11483 mentioned, when you initiate a new project, you are prompted to assign a folder to house your audio files. If you use a template project or use a project that already has an audio folder assigned, all the audio files will be saved to it’s folder unless you redirect otherwise.
I don’t know how you initiate your projects but if you create a “backup” project, it “will” store all your audio files in that particular folder. It will behoove you to do this with every project so you can control your housekeeping.


thanks for your reply.
When I started working on songs in Cubase, I didn’t know the start-up plan and I think I used template. But now I would like to change it, that’s why I used back-up to specify the folder. However, after I continue working and opening from the back-up, it ignores backup specified folders and keeps saving to another drive in the Temp folder, naming all my audios like Violin01, 02 …12 etc. Of course with all the unsuccessful recording.
Isn’t there any option to go into the audio and click Save As?
I have a project folder and it starts from there, but somehow it keeps saving to another drive which is probably set somewhere. Is there a project settings I can set not to save there?
Also, I made a mistake to rename the tracks because it was a mess seeing ‘hihat21 and bass12’ so I simply named it Final bass, final hihat etc. Now it is searching in the Temp folder and I have no idea which is the one from the hundreds of recordings. I wish I could make it clean somehow, but it constantly causing problems.
I have been working on this album for 2 years, very close to finish and now I don’t find the final files:(((!

Open Pool, right-click- Prepare Archive. Close Pool, File- Backup Project and create a project folder anywhere you want. Close project and open from new location.

Cubase saves all audio in the audio folder inside the project folder. This can’t be changed.

Thank you, will try this. Hope from now on my projects will be more organised as all my hard drive is full now!