Saxophone Player Names

The player names of all the available saxophones are inconsistent. Six show the transposition, six don’t. I know how to change the instrument names and save them as defaults, but not the player names. The layout names are linked to the player names by default so the layout names are in turn affected as well. Is there any way to change the player name defaults?

When you change the instrument name and set it as default, it will change the player name as well… and hence, the layout name. For all future instances too.

The problem is that I want “Alto Saxophone” as the instrument name but “Alto Saxophone (E Flat)” as the player/layout name. The tenor sax adds the " (B Flat)" automatically to the instrument name “Tenor Saxophone”. I can figured out how to make the alto sax behave the same way.

You can edit instrument names, player names, and layout names independently in Setup mode.

Editing the player name (left panel) propagates to the layout name (right panel) but you can then edit the name in the right panel if you want.

Yes, I know. My question was how to save the changes to player names as defaults.

You can’t make changes to the instrument names in such a way that they will change the layout names by default. If there’s a particular ensemble you write for and you want the layout names to be a certain way, I suggest you save that Dorico project as a template and start new projects by first loading that template project, so that it has all of your prefererred names in it already.

How can I avoid the (wrong) German names like “Tenor (H Be)”?

I changed the names of the instruments to “Tenor” and “Ten” for short, and it’s shown correctly in the score.
But the individual instrument layouts come with the ending (H Be).

The instrument names are dealt with in the left panel of Setup mode. The layout names are dealt with in the right panel of Setup mode. Double-click on a Layout name and type whatever you need into it.

Got it! Thans a lot!

But is it not possible to add new players in the program. So that you can choose for example Trumpet which has a layout name Trumpet B{@flat@}.
It makes no sense to make a template. Most arrangers always write pieces for different ensembles. I never have seen a piece which had the layout name Trumpet (B Flat). So I will always want to change that which I don’t want to do because it should be in the program!