Saxophone sounds/VST missing

I’ve recently switched from my beloved 2012 MacBook Pro to a 2020 one and Migration Assistant did a great thing in migrating (almost) everything so that the transition isn’t too difficult. However, I’m now missing all saxophone sounds in Halion Sonic. I’ve updated to Halion Sonic 7.0.20 but no change. Do I have to download the 10GB of sound content for Dorico Pro 4?

Why do I have saxophone sounds on my old MacBook but not on the new one?

I just compared and noticed that on my old MacBook I also don’t have saxophone sounds if I create a new project but somehow in already existing projects I do have sounds. For example, I have a “Tenor Sax VX” instrument/sound/program (whatever it’s called) and a “Tender Baritone Sax” but I can’t find them in the instrument list. What’s the deal?

See here:

Ah nice, with this patch it works. Thanks.