Saxophones for HAL

Looking for any input on realistic sounding saxophone sounds for HALion.
Just one decent tenor would be a good start - have started using one or two that come bundled with HALion 6 and within a limited range octave-wise it’s ‘nearly there’ but wondered if anyone had some more they could suggest/comment on. I see Steinberg do a separate Saxophone library/instrument but the blurb sounds like it’s more loop focused and I am not interested in loops, but maybe I’m wrong? Having just spent a few hundred pounds on HALion, I don’t really want to go down the route of a different sample engine (Kontakt etc.) with more cost and another learning curve, so at the moment really would like a good, useable, natural sounding sax out of HALion… is it too much to ask for? :thinking:

Perhaps this is the wrong place to post this query - wondering if this is more of a tech/issue forum - still, will leave post up just in case anyone does have an input.