Say Hello To My Little Friend(s)! - [Some Help With Kontakt]

(Posted in Cubase 7 Section as well)

In light of the fact that some here, (perhaps many), have had troubles with Kontakt, [myself included], I’m adding 2 links to NI’s Forums regarding Kontakt that I think may be helpful.

The 1st one is basically to try and reset things in Kontakt, without having to reinstall it, and includes 3 files to delete according to Support’s instructions on this guys’ post regarding crash after crash.

I feel the need to add that the Windows folder that these are in is also named ‘Db’, which is not mentioned for Windows - but is for Mac.
I wouldn’t delete the folder though - just the 3 files inside.

The 2nd link shows all the files that are installed, in case you should ever wish to delete them all after an un-install.

Folders left behind when you uninstall Native Instruments Kontakt 4: