Say no more

George Michael - sax hook …
for 10 hours! :mrgreen:

What terrifies me is how you found that :slight_smile:

I knew someone had to ask that question!!! :laughing: :blush:
I needed the title of the song in order to describe something über-cheezy, so I googled it.
But I’m not a coward! I stand up for what I believe in and as a hook it’s unbeatable and right up there with Gerrey Rafferty’s Baker Street thingie! :sunglasses:
That said, 10 hours … :open_mouth: !

Phew :slight_smile:

sorry didn’t have the time ,only listened to the first 9 hours… can’t wait to hear the last hour…

"What??? You can make a … ‘loop’??? :astonished: AND NOW YOU TELL ME!!! :imp: "

Thank you, I now have this automatically started every time I boot up.

No more!

There, I said it. :open_mouth:

Thanks, I havn’t been able to shut the video off until somebody told me “no more!” so just imaging how greatful I am! :mrgreen: :sunglasses:

Kim, there has to be better entertainment than this in Sweden no? :wink:

Glad I put a stop to it, or we’d have to leave you out in the snow (got any yet?) :laughing:

Kim? :open_mouth:

Oops, did I brain fart?

haha … maybe it’s easier to connect him with George Michael? :wink:

I am still trying to remember his actual forum name now… sigh, getting old man. :unamused:

hint: Starts with a “O” and ends with “nkelGrusom” … :smiley: