SB X g5 and Cubase Elements 9: no audio except via MSGSTable


I did download the trial version and I am considering buying the application; never used it before, since I was playing mostly with Garageband on OSX.

I have a PC with Windows 10 64 bit, as audio card I use a Soundblaster X G5 and an Alesis IO/2, depending if I need to use my electric guitar or not. I also have a M-Audio keystudio

So, I did install Cubase and I get no audio, except if I select the GSWavetable as instrument.

I did check various videos on youtube, about how to set up everything and from what I can tell, it seems that everything is fine; the keyboard does show in Windows; and Cubase can see it; when I press the keys, the bar on the top right does move, showing that the connection is established.

I did create a midi channel, and used Microsoft GS Wavetable as instrument, and in that way, I get a grand piano with a pretty bad latency.
Then I followed a tutorial, and did add the VST included instrument called Sonic SE 01; I did create a midi channel for it; but I get no audio when I play the keyboard. If I click on the virtual keyboard of the instrument, I also get no audio at all.

My audio connection is simple: I have my headphones connected to the SB X G5 front port, and it is connected via USB3 to the computer; nothing else.

I did check on DEvices->Device setup->VST Audio System and the nly driver available is Creative Sound Blaster ASIO.
In the CSB ASIO settings below the VST settings, I see 2 Input (which are Line-in L/R-1 and line-in L/R-2 as visible and active.
As output I see Front L/R-1 and Front L/R -2 as visible and active, while the rest of the connections (rear LR 3 and 4, Center sub 5 and 6 and 2 other out without name, just show 7 and 8) as inactive.

I am not sure what am I doing wrong, and what is the problem at this point; I did try other applications and the audio works fine; in Windows I have no issues so I am not sure exactly what should I do to get some audio out of Cubase.

Any suggestion is more than welcome; glad that I did try the trial first,so thanks Steinberg for allowing a trial before buying.

By the way, is this the right place where post support questions?

Just to be sure that I am addressing the right audience. I can still work with my Mac so no big deal, but I was eager to work on my Windows machine with Cubase.

Under devices/system you must choose the correct audio driver. preferably an asio driver.

I did that; the SB drivers came with an ASIO driver but I get no output. I did install Asio4All and even with that, I would get no output; so I had to use 2 audio devices,
I can’t understand what is taking control of a device and blocking either the output or input of each one

Have you enabled monitoring on the track ?
The little icon that looks like a speaker.

Hi Pekae,

Yes, I did try with and without, and made no difference.

I just trashed everything and got an UR 22 MK2; and now I use one device only. The only downside is that I can use only one ASIO app at time; and trying to figure out how do I use Guitar rig 5 in Cubase at this point.

I guess old hardware is just trash, once that software improve; which is sad, considering that The Alesis device came with an old version of Cubase LE