Scale Assistant / Use Chord track / Chord track mode / new option: Soloing Scales

Currently there are 3 options:
Chords & Scales

IMHO soloing scales, also called improvisation scales or chord scales, would be a great addition.
These are scales which lend themselves for improvisation over a specific chord type

If implemented in Cubase, the Chord track modes would have the below options:

Chords & Scales
Chords & Scales & Soloing scales

Chord track should have a 2nd scales lane. The existing lane holds the scale common to the chords. The 2nd lane should hold the scale(s) which can be used to improvise/solo over the individual chords in the chord track.
Specifying the soloing scales should be optional. If omitted, Cubase should automatically select and use the scale(s) suited best for soloing over the specific chords.

FYI There are many tables, “rules’ and heuristics for selecting the best scale(s) to improvise over specific chords. Just google for “chords improvisation scales’

You could create a 2nd Version on your Chord Track and have it set to your ‘soloing scale’ - then just flip between them based on what you are doing.

You can also create your own custom scales which could be a superset that includes all the notes in the regular scale plus those in your soloing scale.

The idea is that Cubase could incorporate all the knowledge for automatically selecting/suggesting the best scales for soloing over the individual chords.
During recording, one could then switch between the regular scale and the soloing scales suggested by Cubase (e.g. by using a foot switch or pressing keys on a MIDI-controller).